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Health and Safety Policies




Bizzi Lizzi's has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for your child and the manager is responsible for health and safety matters concerning the pre-school premises.  
It is a requirement by law, to obtain certification of a health and safety inspection, this is carried out by a local authority body.



All accidents are dealt with by a member of staff with First Aid Training and will be recorded in the Accident Report Book. 
A verbal report must be explained to the child's parent (or carer) and a signature obtained in the accident report paperwork.

Minor Accidents

Minor accidents will be dealt with accordingly. Parents are informed at the end of the day.


Serious Injury

In the unlikely event of a more serious injury or rapid deterioration of general health, an ambulance will be called and the parents/carers informed immediately. An appropriate member of staff will accompany the child (should they require hospital treatment) until the parents/carer arrives.

We Aim To

Involve and motivate our staff in all matters concerning Health and Safety.
Prevent accidents, injuries and ill - healthAchieve a high standard of occupational Health and Safety, Welfare and Hygiene. 
Provide a safe and healthy environment.


Sickness Policy

Bizzi Lizzi's does not aim to exclude children unnecessarily, only try to provide and maintain a healthy environment. The decision of the manager is final when requesting the exclusion of a child due to illness or infection.


Sick children cannot be admitted to Bizzi Lizzi's

If a child should become ill at any time, staff will inform parents or an emergency contact. While awaiting the arrival of parents/carer, the staff will ensure the comfort of the child, taking appropriate action which would include seeking medical advice if necessary.

Children with infectious or contagious diseases will be excluded and we request that you consult a doctor before returning your child to pre-school. 


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