Key Areas of Development


At Bizzi Lizzi's we focus on 5 key areas of development to prepare the children for starting school.


P: Physical
I: Intellectual
L: Language
E: Emotional
S: Social


The daily routine is organised and presented in such a way to enhance and enrich each child's development in these 5 key areas, complimenting a wide range of play and creative activities within which they participate.
Our pre-schoolers are encouraged to work by themselves at appropriate times throughout the day thereby acquiring an active discipline and a practical independence


Key Workers


Bizzi Lizzi's has a key - worker system in operation. Your child will be allocated a member of staff who is responsible for the initial settling-in period, this will enable your child to form a bond with his/her key worker.
Your child's key-worker will also be responsible for keeping a developmental record and writing out your child's report.
However, please note that the key-worker does not have sole charge of your child throughout the day and at times they will not be the person giving you feedback at the end of the day.



It is common for children to have more than 1 language in the home environment. All of our staff have a basic knowledge of least 1 other language but we communicate and educate in English.
Language is an important part of a child's identity and we will encourage bilingual children to share songs etc in their language of choice and to talk about the languages they use at home.


Sleeping Facilities


We do not provide a separate sleeping facility at Bizzi Lizzi's, however, there is a chill - out area for those who need to re-charge their batteries.

Should your child still require an afternoon nap then we suggest that you opt for the short sessions until such times that your child is ready to do a full session.


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