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  • Jane McGuire 

    My eldest son went to Bizzi Lizzi's from the age of 2 until he was 4 and went to school. He loved it from day 1 and even now at the age of 6, would happily return! It was a no-brainer that his little rother would follow in his footsteps. He also adores Bizzi Lizzi's (especially "Lizzi Cuddles!).
    As a family, we'll be so sad when our days at Bizzi Lizzi's come to an end. Lizzi and the staff offer such a warm, loving, structured environment. The kids learn and play in equal measure. The portfolio's Lizzi puts together with all the kids craft work every term are a wonderful keepsake.

  • Chris 

    Our youngest son Charlie, born in a bi-lingual family with two much older siblings that were born in the UK, was born in Amsterdam and joined Bizzi Lizzi's as soon as he could: at 2 years. He absolutely thrived with the clearly structured days, something that took on even more importance when I was temporarily alone with 3 kids and got severe pneumonia on top of it:Lizzi without much ado offered Charlie exceptionally temporarily a place for all school week. For Charlie, this was the very best: Charlie was delighted, thrived, and felt completely at home, whilst meanwhile enjoying all the well-rounded activities (music, physical exercise, daily play outside in the safe playground).Meanwhile, Bizzi Lizzi's is truly a "PRE-"school: Charlie learnt all sorts of skills that his Dutch peers/friends did not even touch upon in their daycare centres (this I clearly noted when having playdates), like: awareness of hygiene (washing hands/potty training/at Bizzi Lizzi's kids are generally potty trained at 2 within a few months), social skills (not grabbing other kids toys, but awareness of others and asking), music/coordination skill, the beginning of writing and pen holding through lovely activity papers which Lizzi then at the end of term makes a "Book"of - a treasure for ever.
    These activity folders Lizzi prepares for the children, also contain pictures of them with their mates and will be a treasure in later life. Though our son was supposed to transfer to the Dutch system, we emphatically decided to leave him in Bizzi Lizzi's until after the summer hols, and he started in the Dutch "groep 1" at 4,5. By that time, he was a confident little boy who surprised his Montessori teacher by being a happy, little, cooperative boy, more Montessori than all kids that had actually gone through a Montessori preschool and who actually had no need for the easing into the school he mandatorily had to go through. School for him was "fun", because he playfully had been brought up to speed (and more) by Lizzi. It is not for nothing that all younger siblings of Charlie's Bizzi Lizzi's friends, all claimed their place as soon as they were born :)

    Thank you Lizzi: absolutely BEST pre-school in town, Dutch OR English!

  • Nevine 


    The best English preschool in Amsterdam. My daughter was going to a Dutch one before , she was crying almost everyday for 9 months . Everything changed since she joined lizzi bizzis , every day I saw her smile shining and excitement to go there . Liz you are amazing , everything is on time , learning , eating , playing , singing , coloring,....etc . My daughter learned a lot of skills in short time . The staff is amazing and all the kids love them .
    Thanks for caring

  • Jana 

    Our little guy Tristan started at Bizzi Lizzi's just when he turned 3, and he came from a Dutch day-care where they had little structure. I noticed a difference in Tristan's behaviour right away. He was much more manageable and patient. I was so pleased! He has learned so much in his time at Bizzi Lizzi's. Lizzi combines respect and love in an amazing way. The kids love her! I am sooo happy that Tristan attended Bizzi Lizzi's!

    Thank you Lizzi! xx Jana

  • Jen Gebetsberger 

    We enrolled our daughter in Bizzi Lizzi's preschool after just relocating to the Netherlands. We are so pleased with how happy she has been here and feels as if it is her second home. We were looking for a pre-school which taught basic academic and life skills not just a play group and were so happy to find that that is exactly the format taught at Bizzi Lizzi's. We have also loved getting to know the Bizzi Lizzi family...
    The support staff are amazing and they love the kids almost as much as we do. Now that our daughter is 4 she is graduating to a bigger school but, we will always have fond memories and a strong tie to Lizzie and her staff.

  • Jackie 

    I love the new safety Playground which has been built during the summer break. The children seem very confident in their play knowing that a tumble is not going to result in grazed knees. It also gives them a far better surface for riding their bikes and using mobile toys.

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